Plus - Stationary Catalog 2023-24

5 STATIONERY CATALOG PLUS Stationery Shanghai Co., Ltd. SHANTOU PLUS INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD Our second manufacturing innovation For over two decades, PLUS has been focusing on the business opportunities in our neighboring Asian countries. Fol lowing the success of the Vietnam factory in 1995, PLUS has establ ished two additional stationery plants in China; Shantou Plant in 2000, fol lowed by Shanghai Plant in 2005. PLUS Shanghai factory started operations in 2005, and expanded and relocated its base to Shanghai Pudong area in September 2012. Adding to files and OA labels, they started manufacturing correction tapes which is our main product in Asian countries, aiming to increase sales in China. With a plan to automatize the production lines in the near future, the plant continues to improve its product quality as well as productivity. PLUS Stationery Shanghai Co., Ltd. I n add i t i on to copyboa rd and elect ronic equipment , in 2012, Shantou Plant began manufacturing whi teboards. Wi th these unique and sophisticated products, it aims to introduce new meeting styles by bui lding sales networks in China with its local partner distributors. SHANTOU PLUS INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD Shanghai Plant PLUS Stationery Shanghai Co., Ltd.: Approximately 9,100 m² Number of employees: 336 (As of September 2020) Certification: ISO9001 SHANTOU PLUS INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD: Approximately 11,600 m² Number of employees: 174 (As of September 2020) Certification: ISO9001