Plus - Stationary Catalog 2023-24

4 STATIONERY CATALOG PLUS VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. PLUS Manufacturing Bases Building a culture of quality When es t ab l i shed i n 1995 , PLUS V I ETNAM s t a r t ed ou t a s a s t ap l e r manufacturing plant, consisting of only 25 employees. 20 years later, there are now approximately 2,100 employees working to del iver 2,000 SKUs of PLUS stationery out into the world.(As of September 2020) PLUS VIETNAM Plant No.1 (Bien Hoa Plant): Approximately 26,400 m² Its efficient assembly lines, supported by constant quality inspections, produce a wide range of stationery products including correction tapes, glue tapes, staplers and fi les which are the main items of PLUS stationery. PLUS VIETNAM Plant No.2 (Nhon Trach Plant): Approximately 30,400 m² In operation since 2010, this is a mass-producing plant with advanced and highly automated production lines. It mainly manufactures metal products including scissors, as well as filing products such as folders and refill pockets. In the 20 years of history, PLUS V I ETNAM ha s e s t ab l i s h ed a cu l t u re t ha t pu r sues t he highest possible quality in the products manufactured. These values have spread profoundly t h roughou t t he wo r k f o rce , sus t a i ned by an advanced quality management system, with each staff member maintaining a high level of quality awareness during all production processes. Commitment to the International Community's Requirements In order to produce high quality products, a high quality working environment is a necessity. By prioritizing the safety and wellness of the workers through training sessions and healthy meals provided in the company cafeterias. PLUS VIETNAM manages to achieve higher customer satisfaction through increased worker satisfaction. This enables them to continue manufacturing world leading products. We also commit to uphold the fundamental rights of workers protected under the applicable laws of the relevant countries, such as undertaking safeguards against employment of workers under the age of 16, having work procedures in various languages for multicultural workers, addressing issues related to human rights, environmental responsibility, bribery prevention, etc. As a result, our factories are certified by world leading retailers. The creation of a favorable work environment fosters employees' quality consciousness FACILITY INFORMATION Number of employees: 2,121(As of September 2020) Certification: ISO9001/2008