Plus - Stationary Catalog 2023-24

1 STATIONERY CATALOG PLUS Europe GmbH PLUS Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of PLUS Corporation. From our office in Düsseldorf we manage and coordinate the Europewide marketing and sales activities of the Group. Since our foundation in 2010, we have continually expanded our business. While doing so, we are able to fall back on our parent company’s more than 65 years of experience in marketing and the development of products and services. A clear global strategy built upon innovative and advanced products – which are really new to the market – a dominant market position in the home market Japan, sound financial resources and a close relationship to our clients and consumers are key success factors on the way of PLUS Corporation to become a true global company. The guarantor of success is the winning spirit of the entire company and our team. A team of multinational talented people, who are keen to learn from each other and willing to make things happen – steered by strong leadership and enjoying the full support of the PLUS Group management. A true global company Unique Values – Higher Satisfaction Our vision reaches beyond manufacturing. We strive for our products to help people in all aspects of their lives, making life at their workplace, school, or home a little more comfortable. The mission of PLUS is to deliver satisfaction to the customer by creating new values and opportunities. “Be unique” is our motto for every new product development. With products by PLUS, uniqueness can be lived and experienced. This uniqueness embraces features such as unparalleled quality and premium design, as well as innovative and colorful solutions. These are the features, which have already convinced people all over the world. Düsseldorf, Germany